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September 2006



She’s at it again!

Group against pot initiative plans lectures

The group opposing Amendment 44, which seeks to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, said Wednesday that a series of lectures will serve as the primary weapon in the campaign. The lectures by various experts on drugs and addiction will focus on the dangers of marijuana and the effects on […]

Another open thread

Yep. They’re kicking me out of here in 10 minutes and I haven’t even been able to download all my email yet. Heading for Vienna tomorrow by boat up the Danube River. The riots in Budapest have been relatively well-mannered and have affected us not in the least.

Open Thread

I’m having a very hard time keeping up with all the news while on vacation, so do your stuff! You guys are the greatest!

Urgent Action Item

This is late coming to you because of my vacation — I had very little internet access on top of the mountain at Lomnicky Stit in Slovakia, and I’m now in the basement of an open-late internet store in Budapest — but please follow through on this action alert from SSDP:

This week, out of […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Scott Morgan has a debate recap. “bullet” Mirjan notes this article, which implies a shortage of opium-based medicines even in “first-world” countries. And yet we eradicate in Afghanistan, thereby driving the country into the hands of criminals. Stupid. “bullet” My internet access is extremely limited, so I can only do a short posting right […]

Making our point for us

The drug czar’s blog has a really outrageously stupid post:

It’s Just A Little Pot…And Some Guns…And… Marijuana near schools: Harmless? (With video)

The story is about how some guns were found near a marijuana bust. Well, duh! It’s prohibition, silly! If marijuana was legal, there wouldn’t be criminals using guns to protect their marijuana […]

Who’s going?

Somebody give me a good report on this:

WHAT: Screening of “Waiting to Inhale,” followed by debate on medical marijuana WHO: Clarence Page, David Murray, Andrea Barthwell, Rob Kampia, Ethan Nadlemann WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 13, 7:30-9:30 p.m. WHERE: E Street Theater, 555 11th St. NW, Washington, D.C., 202-452-7672

Open Thread

“bullet” Maia Szalavitz asks the Democrats the right question. [thanks, Tom] “bullet” Latino Leaders Take Position Against Drug War.

Mendoza said, “As Latinos, we are finally waking up to the fact that this war is a waste of money and resources, all of which could help us re-build our communities and families instead of […]

In the stores

I keep seeing this for sale all over Prague (or at least in the tourist areas). It’s made with hemp seeds and there are seeds at the bottom of each bottle.


Still loving Prague and keeping way too busy to read much or post much, but keep sending those tips and letters. If you’d like to follow along with the trip (including photos) you can visit my trip page.