Open thread and interesting stuff to do

I’m taking another opportunity to go to the lake in Iowa — middle of nowhere with no internet access for about 4 days.
So, for all you Drug WarRant junkies out there, sorry about the lack of posts coming up, but there’s plenty of interesting stuff for you to do while I’m gone.
“bullet” Take the time to listen to Jack Cole’s interview on NPR in Seattle and learn more about LEAP.
“bullet” Take the time to read all of Radley Balko’s White Paper Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America
“bullet” If you haven’t yet, discover the world of Drug WarRant’s messageboard, including

  • Beginnings of an effort to get SAMHSA to correct their webpage falsehoods about drug testing in the workplace.
  • A discussion about the efforts in England to re-classify drugs based on a harm scale rather than political considerations.
  • A group of committed Letter writers.

“bullet” Join the Drug WarRant Wiki and contribute to the Voting Guide or the list of Drug War Studies.
Or read some of the great links on the left.

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