Major drug bust in North Carolina


CHAPEL HILL – A Chapel Hill man was accused last week of pedaling while he peddled.

Reginald E. Farrington, 40, of 703 N.C. 54 was charged with maintaining a late-model Next Avalon Comfort Bike for selling crack cocaine. […]

Police took custody of $3.25 in cash, along with Farrington’s two-wheeler, which police estimate to be worth about $20.

“It wasn’t in great shape,” said Officer D.N. Britt of the Chapel Hill police.

Police charged Farrington with obtaining property by false pretenses, resisting arrest and cocaine possession with intent to sell, even though they did not find drugs on his person. Britt said police were acting on a witness statement and declined to comment further, pending investigation.

The charge of maintaining a vehicle for drug sales is commonly applied when a suspect uses a motor vehicle to store or deal drugs. Law enforcement agencies often seize such vehicles and sell them to raise money for local schools, according to James Woodall, district attorney for Orange and Chatham counties.

The police in Chapel Hill must be the laughing stock of the state! They seized $3.25 and a old broken-down bicycle? Actually charged someone for maintaining a bicycle for drug sales? Cocaine possession with intent to sell despite not actually possessing any cocaine? How much cocaine do you suppose he sold to get $3.25?

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