Is the ANY level of drug war failure that requires accountability?

Well, let’s see. We spent hundreds of millions of dollars to eradicate opium production in Afghanistan and production increased 40%. Therefore the only possible option is to spend more money doing the same thing.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S.-backed strategy to fight Afghanistan’s massive drug trade has been unsuccessful in stemming opium cultivation, which is expected to hit record levels this year, a senior U.S. official said Thursday.

“It’s bad news and we need to improve it,” said Thomas Schweich, principal deputy assistant secretary of state for international narcotics. “But we don’t feel it’s a hopeless situation, and we don’t think the overall strategy is the wrong strategy.

But coach! We’ve lost every game and we’re down 64-0 in this one because all we ever do is run the ball. Can’t we at least talk about passing?

Shut up, kid, and stick with the ground game. We’re going to go with what got us here.

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