Congressman Jerry Weller, one of the lesser known bad guys in the drug war

This lying scumbag is my Congressman (I have experience with him slandering me in the last election merely because I endorsed his opponent).

The Congressman and the Dictator’s Daughter

Illinois Republican Jerry Weller is one of the most powerful men in Congress when it comes to Latin America. His wife is the most powerful woman in Guatemala’s controversial FRG party. […]

Two months after his marriage Weller, ignoring calls for him to resign, became vice chairman of the western hemisphere subcommittee. […]

“The western hemisphere subcommittee has been one of the only ones overseeing U.S. drug policy, and it has been the main one making U.S. drug policy,” says Adam Isacson of the watchdog group Center for International Policy. “It has huge influence.”

His seat, unfortunately, is not considered competitive in the upcoming race, but I have hopes.

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