Bong Hits 4 Posterity

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School’s Fight To Censor Poster Ensures We’ll Never Forget It by Beth Bragg

When it comes to Bong Hits 4 Jesus, here’s some Advice 4 Dummies:

If the phrase poses such a threat to the health and future of any teenager exposed to it, then stop making a federal case out of it.

If the Juneau School Board, in its infinite stubbornness, is so worried that the message waved on a banner four years ago at a nonschool event will lead high school kids down the path to illegal drug use, why does it insist on giving the message such tremendous exposure?

Google “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” and you’ll get 14,100 hits. Included among them is proof positive that the message has become part of the vernacular: It has its own Wikipedia entry.

And all Joe Frederick wanted was to catch the eye of a TV cameraman.

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