A new advertising agency?

Interesting new ONDCP ad (via DARE Generation Diary).
Although it uses some stereotypes, the ad is quite refreshing in its approach — particularly because it doesn’t lie (like most of their ads). Plus, I think kids can get into this message without their bullshit detectors going off.

I smoked weed and nobody died
I didn’t get into a car accident
I didn’t O.D. on heroin the next day
Nothing happened.
We sat on Pete’s couch for 11 hours.
Now what’s going to happen on Pete’s couch?
You have a better chance of dying out there in the real world,
Driving hard to the rim, ice-skating with a girl.
No, you wanna keep yourself alive, you go over to Pete’s
and sit on his couch until you’re 86.
Safest thing in the world.
Me. I’ll take my chances out there.
Call me reckless.

Of course, it does force the obvious question, “Why are we locking people up for doing this?”

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