Ignorant article on marijuana addiction in Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Bureau Chief Kevin Helliker wins today’s prize for drinking the drug war cool-aid with this ignorant screed on marijuana and addiction.
He buys into the myth that mild psychological dependence with limited withdrawal symptoms is somehow equivalent to serious addiction.
And he leaves out critical information…

The researchers found that the overall rate of addiction among marijuana users is slightly lower than for imbibers of alcohol. But among people who use marijuana daily, the rate of addiction is significantly higher than among daily drinkers. Addiction is diagnosed when a person experiences at least three of seven indicators, such as failure to control usage, preoccupation with the drug and withdrawal symptoms.

Do you think that it might have been relevant to mention that one of those seven indicators has to do with being in conflict with the law? So one of the three necessary indicators pretty much automatically kicks in for marijuana users simply because it’s illegal? Kind of makes the comparison dishonest, doesn’t it?
But the kicker is this wild statement:

Yet if marijuana addiction were benign, thousands of Americans wouldn’t be seeking to kick the habit each year.

Kevin, you moron — yes they would — if it’s a choice between treatment and jail. Oh, but you can’t be bothered to do even a rudimentary bit of research now, can you? Just assume.

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