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May 2006



Bush says he can ignore Congress and send troops to Colombia

There’s a fascinating article in Sunday’s Boston Globe that has been talked about extensively:

President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution.


Ignorant article on marijuana addiction in Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Bureau Chief Kevin Helliker wins today’s prize for drinking the drug war cool-aid with this ignorant screed on marijuana and addiction. He buys into the myth that mild psychological dependence with limited withdrawal symptoms is somehow equivalent to serious addiction. And he leaves out critical information…

The researchers found that the overall rate […]

Un Fracaso

Plan Colombia called a failure

From Congress to the editorial page of Bogota’s main newspaper, criticism of the U.S.-backed anti-drug effort known as Plan Colombia which has cost American taxpayers $4 billion since 2000 is growing. […]
In Colombia, President Alvaro Uribe’s two main challengers in this month’s elections have used the report’s findings to reopen a debate over decriminalization of drug use.
In a Sunday editorial, the generally pro-government newspaper, El Tiempo, called the war on drugs “un fracaso,” a failure.[…]
Even supporters of the government’s reliance on aerial spraying acknowledge they were angered by the ONDCP’s admission that it has long been underestimating Colombia’s coca harvest.
“If they tried to get a job as a pollster for Congress being off by that much, they’d never work again,” said Marc Wheat, staff director of U.S. House of Representatives’ subcommittee on drug policy. […]
A spokesman said Walters was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

Open Thread

Been too busy the past few days to do much posting (as well as being on the road to Iowa and Chicago). Keep the discussions going. If you haven’t read it already, check out thehim’s Drug War Roundup at Kos. It’s huge.