The odd situation where the government staying your drug charges is bad news.

The Canadian government has issued a stay of three conspiracy charges filed by a private citizen against Marc Emery. By not allowing the trial to go forward, it opens the door to extradition hearings against Marc.
It’s a strange set of circumstances. The charges by the private citizen were filed on purpose to interfere with extradition. If Marc was under trial in Canada, he could not be extradited to the U.S. Emery’s attorney, Kirk Tousaw says the decision is politically motivated.

“I’m concerned when our government acts as an arm of the U.S. drug war and has an opportunity to reassert Canadian sovereignty but refused to do so,” Tousaw said. “I think all Canadians should be concerned about that.”
McCann said he doesn’t understand why the federal government would participate in an extradition request by the United States when it largely ignored Emery’s activities and Health Canada even referred patients needing medicinal marijuana to him.
Emery and his associates were arrested last July after police raided Emery’s pot paraphernalia store following an 18-month investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
Emery, dubbed the Prince of Pot by American media, is set to return to B.C. Supreme Court next month to set a date for his extradition hearing.

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