Taking care of our elderly

An interesting category of drug criminal is appearing now and then — the very old.
For many, getting by financially can be a real challenge, with rising health costs, declining pensions, etc. and some of them have discovered that if they take only half of their pain pills and sell the rest, they can buy groceries.
And if they get caught, they can at least be philosophical about it and reckon that the jail will take care of their expenses for awhile (although many do not realize how severe the laws are).

Since April 2004, Operation UNITE has charged more than 40 people 60 or older with selling drugs, primarily prescription medicine.

Because of the trend, local jails are having to bear the expense of caring for older inmates, who are often sickly.

“You’ve got to give them more attention,” said Floyd County Jailer Roger Webb. “It’s putting a strain on my deputies. We’re understaffed anyway. You’ve got to get them doctors and meet their medical needs.”

The latest conviction by this particular drug task force? An 87-year-old woman who pled guilty to receive 5 years prison, followed by 5 years probation, for selling to an undercover cop.

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