Pod people and their podcasts.

This is unbelievable. Via The ITT List comes this news to make your skin crawl….

John Walters, Director of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), and President Bush’s “Drug Czar,” today launched ONDCP’s first “podcast.” Podcasting technology enables users of personal audio players to receive broadcasts of audio media via an Internet feed to which users can subscribe. ONDCP’s podcasts will deliver speeches, events, interviews, and the latest information regarding national efforts to reduce drug use in America.
Director Walters stated, “I am pleased that we will be able to provide this service to the increasing number of Americans who use personal audio players to stay up-to-date on the latest issues affecting our Nation. President Bush and I know that most of the work to reduce the harms drugs cause to our society is done at the local level. We hope that by providing relevant and timely information via this new technology, more people will join us in educating our fellow citizens regarding the destructive effects of drugs.”

And yes, even now you can subscribe to this electrifying podcast — John Walters’ welcoming message is available for download, and you can once again hear him imply that there’s absolutely no difference between “drug use” and “drug problems.”
Right about that time, my iPod turned green and started vomiting. Never had that happen before.

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