Murkowski is at it again

Governor Murkowski can’t seem to accept the Alaska State Supreme Court’s ruling (possession of up to 4 ounces of marijuana in your home isn’t enough of a public danger to over-ride the state constitution’s privacy provision). It just burns him up to think that Alaskan citizens can sit in their homes with a small amount of marijuana and he can’t throw them in jail at taxpayer expense.

A bill to re-criminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana at home will pass out of the Senate Finance Committee Thursday, according to co-chair Lyda Green.
Green held an unannounced hearing on the bill today and said she would not delay the schedule to allow for testimony by scientific experts who spoke before other committees last session.
The Murkowski administration, which asked for the bill, contends that the potency of marijuana has increased so much since a key court ruling in 1975 that judges today would permit such legislation, even though it appears to violate recent rulings on the constitutional right to privacy.

Yep, wouldn’t want facts, or those pesky scientific experts to mess up plans to arrest pot smokers.
Update: Edited for clarity

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