Law Enforcement Against Prohibition video

Definitely take the time to see this outstanding video produced by Common Sense for Drug Policy and featuring members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).
After you’ve seen it, download it and show it to all of your law and order friends who are resisting your efforts to convince them that prohibition is wrong. Do you know someone in your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Lions Club, or similar organization? Show them this video and then suggest that they schedule one of these officers as a speaker.
When you see this video, you come to realize just how important a group like LEAP is, because many of those whose minds most need to change give greater value to words from a former police officer.
Now this is just a short promo video, yet it was full of great information. Here’s a few statements that caught my attention:

Under prohibition, we have given the right to the criminal

  • who’s going to supply the drugs to the United States,
  • what kind of drugs are going to be supplied,
  • how much those drugs are going to cost,
  • how they’re going to be produced,
  • how potent they’re going to be
  • what age levels they’re going to sell to,
  • and where they’re going to sell.

And if they decide they’re going to sell to 10-year-old kids on our playgrounds, by God that’s where they’ll be sold.

– Jack Cole

Drug legalization is not to be construed as an approach to our drug problem.
Drug legalization is about our crime and violence problem.
Once we legalize drugs, we gotta then buckle down and start dealing with our drug problem, and that’s not going to be easy, but it’s something we can do.

– Peter Christ

South Africa (1993) Under Apartheid
incarcerated 851 black males per 100,000 population
United States (2004) Under Prohibition
incarcerated 4,919 black males per 100,000 population

[Thanks to Scott, who also notes the discussion about it here. Additional hat tip to Toker00]
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