European Parliament calls for change of approach in Afghanistan

Via Email from International AntiProhibitionist League
These are excerpts from a European Parliament Resolution adopted on January 18.

The European Parliament,

D. whereas the pervasive opium and heroin production carries the risk of permanently affecting the nation‰s politics, crippling its society and distorting a fragile economy while consolidating a corrupt narco-elite,

18. Expresses deep concern about illegal drug production — as highlighted by the recent Afghan Opium Survey 2005 carried out by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, in particular the latest statistics on domestic heroin consumption — which could lead to an HIV/AIDS emergency in the region;

19. Draws attention to the extremely high costs and serious flaws in terms of effectiveness of a counter-narcotics strategy based only on eradication and alternative livelihood and calls on the participants in the London Conference to take into consideration the proposal of licensed production of opium for medical purposes, as already granted to a number of countries;

Another chink in the wall.

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