Rhode Island Gives Finger to the Supremes

Fascinating! From MPP:

The Rhode Island Senate today passed
medical marijuana bill S.B. 710 by a 34-2 margin. The vote signals
support for medical marijuana after Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling
that upheld the right of states to pass medical marijuana laws, but
also affirmed the right of the federal government to prosecute
patients under federal law. […]

“In light of the Supreme Court’s decision, it’s more important
than ever that states pass medical marijuana laws,” said Neal Levine,
director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, based in
Washington, D.C. “Rhode Island lawmakers have demonstrated that the
Supreme Court decision does not prevent states from protecting medical
marijuana patients from arrest.”

34-2. The day after the Supreme Court decision.
Maybe the Hinchey amendment in the U.S. Congress (to prevent using federal funds to harrass sick people) has a chance. Time to apply pressure.

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