Karen Tandy is a sick, sick individual

In the wake of the Raich ruling, the Wisconsin State Journal featured a counterpoint-style article with the question: “Medical Marijuana: Should it be legal?”
On the “Yes” side is the fabulous Gary Storck – a prominent reform leader in Wisconsin.
A picture named TandyDEA.jpgOn the “No” side is the head of the DEA, Karen Tandy. (I’ve written about her before.)
Tandy said a lot of ridiculous stuff, as usual, but ended with saying that we need to stop the “myths” about medical marijuana “before the myths kill any more people.”
Tell you what, Karen. I will show you the graves of people the DEA has killed. Can you produce the ones that medical marijuana has killed?
How dare you? Over and over again marijuana has been proven safer than just about any other drug prescribed by doctors. It helps sick people. Proven. While your reign of terror has caused destruction throughout the world. Don’t you dare lecture to us about prevent killing, you death-monger.

[- Thanks to Andy]
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