Any idiot can send out a press release…

That’s the beauty of a free country. And today’s idiot is Steve Steiner of Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers (that would be DAMMADD for you acronym buffs).
Here’s the press release:

DAMMADD: Video Footage Exposes Pro Drug Movement
TIOGA CENTER, N.Y., June 29 /U.S. Newswire/ — If there was ever any doubt about the lie that has been perpetuated on the American people about “medical marijuana”, this video clip should put the matter to rest.

Ooh, damning footage from dammadd?
Well, let’s go to the videotape!
Ah, I see… they cobbled together some badly cut segments of video without detail or context, and, judging from the clothing and hair styles, some of them were shot back while George W. Bush was in his partying days.
First up:

Richard Cowan, former director of NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) advises the Drug Policy Foundation (now Drug Policy Alliance) that the avenue to legalization of marijuana is by getting thousands of people to use it on the pretense that it is a medicine.

Nope. Sorry Steve. You just lied. View the video. What Richard Cowan is saying is that when thousands of people start legitimately using medical marijuana, then the propaganda that has been used against recreational marijuana will be exposed as the scam it is, and people will realize that they’ve been lied to.
You see, Steve, I fully admit that I am for legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. And I fully admit that I believe legalization of medical marijuana will help reach that goal. However, that doesn’t mean that medical marijuana is a lie. I also want to help those who need marijuana as their medicine, and even if I knew that recreational marijuana was an impossible goal, I would fight for the rights of patients. You, on the other hand, also know that legalization of medical marijuana is a likely path toward eventual legalization of recreational marijuana (for the exact reasons that Richard Cowen mentioned). You also know that medical marijuana works. Yet you would intentionally inflict pain and death on these innocent people in order to further your obsession. For that, Steve, you are scum.
Part 2 of the video:

Ed Rosenthal, editor of High Times Magazine, jokes about his undiagnosed latent glaucoma, not a problem because he treats it medically…by getting high. He likes to get high.

The editor of High Times Magazine in the 1970’s(?) jokes about liking to get high. Can you say “Duh”? Next you’ll roll out some videotape “revealing” that Cheech and Chong smoked pot in a movie.
Part 3 of the video:

Batting cleanup is the infamous Marsha Rosenbaum, who works for the Drug Policy Alliance, largely financed by George Soros, whose mission is to legalize drugs. Rosenbaum maligns her professional status by promoting the concept that we should be teaching children responsible use of illicit drugs…irrespective of the fact that alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs have devastating impacts on children whose minds and bodies are not fully developed, and in open defiance of the laws that exist to protect children by making any use of these controlled substances illegal.

So let me get this straight. Since D.A.R.E. has been an abject failure and abstinence education has tanked, the last thing you’d want to do is explore other alternatives that might reduce the harm to children? That might mean less children like yours have to die?
Look, Steve, I know you lost your son to prescription drug overdose and I’m sorry for your loss (and I would never have considered mentioning it in this post if you didn’t regularly bring it up on TV). But the way you’re going about this is not going to help future children or their fathers. Mindless prohibition causes death and destruction. Harm reduction and proper medical — and yes, regulated recreational — use saves lives. Stop being DAMMADD and start being smart.

[Thanks to Herb]

Update: It appears that the media have mostly been smart enough to avoid this piece of crap, although it did show up at (in)Accuracy in Media with good old Cliff Kinkaid (I’ve talked about this moron before), who seems to agree that the video “proves the case” that medical marijuana is a fraud. Guys like him are quite the joke.

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