A surreal glimpse inside the mind of a prohibitionist

This article is your fairly standard teens-have-the-most-fatal-car-accidents-exposÚ, and would not be of interest to me, except that Andrea Barthwell was quoted (as co-director of a physician-led group called End Needless Death On Our Roadways — an organization whose entire purpose appears to be to allow Andrea to ocassionally be quoted as co-director of it, while channelling some more treatment business her way.)
Anyway, here’s the quote that made me fall off my chair:

“Sometimes you can’t legislate all of the changes you need,” said Andrea Barthwell, co-director of the physician-led group. She said parents have to be brought into the campaign against risky driving because they are often the only ones who know they have risk- and thrill-taking kids. [emphasis added]

Yep, we may have to actually involve parents in raising their kids, because “sometimes you can’t legislate all the changes you need.”
Mind like a blotter. Soaks it up, but gets it all backwards.

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