Holiday Blogging Break

I’ll be gone for just over a week, visiting relatives in Indianola, Iowa and Quincy, Illinois, with little time for, or likelihood of finding, wireless connections for blogging. Please continue to send tips my way — I’ll still be reading!
There’s a whole community of us now keeping people up to date on the drug war, so take a moment to check out some of my friends and accomplices.

  • Libby at Last One Speaks is always an interesting as well as an informative read. She’s like a good cup of coffee and a newspaper on a Sunday morning.
  • Baylen at D’Alliance brings the resources of one of the top drug policy web sites to blogging (along with a whole lot of bad puns).
  • Jim at Vice Squad not only gives you drugs, but sex and alcohol and more for the full spectrum of vices internationally.
  • Steve at decrimwatch has been a tireless worker for policy change, and focused on decriminalization in his blog — but you can get more on occassion.
  • Loretta at US Marijuana Party gives you drug war blogging with an attitude. And why not? She’s fighting it from the trenches.
  • David Borden at Prohibition and the Media is new to blogging, but an old hand in the drug policy reform field, through the excellent
  • Jeralyn at TalkLeft certainly talks about much more than the drug war, but she’s always on top of the critical drug policy and crime issues.
  • Scott at Grits for Breakfast has the very best coverage of Texas and that nasty beast called the Drug Task Force.
  • And don’t forget Radley at The Agitator, who covers all the nanny state issues, including the drug war. I’ll be continuing to guest blog there when I get a chance.

These, and others too numerous to mention, are the ones who keep me on my toes and make me post to keep up with them. They are also the ones who inspire me and help me realize that there is a community working together out there. And that’s great news.
Check them out. I’ll be back in a week or so.
– Pete

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