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November 2004



And you thought they talked all fancy and stuff there…

While I’m still waiting for a complete transcript of the Raich v. Ashcroft oral arguments and for Randy Barnett to give us his reaction to his experience, the AP has put out some excerpts, transcribed by Alderson Reporting Company (they do all the transcripts for the Supreme Court). They show that even the best minds […]

Guest Blogging

In addition to keeping up the posts here, I’ll be one of a select group of guest bloggers at The Agitator, Radley Balko’s outstanding blog. There will be some cross-posting as my job will be be covering the Drug War as I guest blog alongside Jim Henley, Jacob Grier and Joshua Clayborn. Radley will drop […]

Intelligent Debate in the Supreme Court

Well, you wouldn’t know it from the early press… Gina Holland’s AP pieces “Court Questions Possible Abuse of Pot Laws” and “Wary Court considers Medical Marijuana” along with AP’s “Justices Appear Hesitant To Endorse Medical Marijuana” would certainly lead you to believe that Barnett faced a serious problem and that Clement had a cake-walk. Reuters […]

Today’s the day.

Of course, remember that today is simply the oral arguments for Raich v. Ashcroft. We won’t have the results probably until July. Again, I’d love to hear from anybody who attends the arguments, and I’ll report more tonight. Here are the two questions I hope will be asked of Acting Solicitor General Paul Clement by […]

Raich Update

“I can see the day comin’ when even your home garden’s gonna be against the law.” -Bob Dylan

Good article by Fred Gardner in the weekend edition of Counterpunch: Ashcroft v. Raich: Medical Marijuana and the Supremes One important point that Fred caught — something I had noticed in my first reading of the government’s […]

‘Tis the Season

With Thanksgiving over, the Christmas shopping season is in full swing (of course it started some time ago much to my annoyance, with Christmas displays going up in stores in September!). I thought I’d give you my own suggestion for Christmas presents: buy hemp. It’s a really good idea for a number of reasons. Now […]

A Story for Thanksgiving

This is a repeat from last year, but I think worth repeating (and I’ve updated the information at the end). So as you relax with your family and turkey today, take a moment to read: A story for Thanksgiving (Isidro and Teresa Aviles).

Time to switch from Marijuana to Vioxx

I am so sick of drug warriors telling us that marijuana is not medicine, and that it’s dangerous because it hasn’t gone through a certain set of approval hoops, including FDA approval. This, despite the fact that marijuana has been used safely for thousands of years, by millions of people without a single recorded case […]

Cannabis Clubs Can’t Communicate in Canada?

Loretta at the US Marijuana Party Blog is reporting a sophisticated Denial of Service internet attack on a number of Canadian cannabis and activist websites. She notes that the timing is suspect as it coincides with planning efforts for a protest of Bush’s visit to Ottawa in a few days. Interesting.

Profile of a Gypsy Cop

Be sure to check out the investigative report over at Grits for Breakfast on a “Gypsy Cop” (Part 1 and Part 2). This series really highlights how out-of-control drug task forces are in terms of accountability. A system that allows this kind of abuse not only harms the people, but it undermines the reputation of […]