Happy New Year!

Well, my one week vacation stretched to almost two, with some wonderful time spent in Indianola (Iowa), Quincy (Illinois), and Chicago with family and friends. While I took a holiday vacation from Drug WarRant, the drug war continued to show up in discussion and on the news.
It was interesting over the holidays to talk with a variety of people from different backgrounds and political persuasions, including some violently opposed to drug use. Every single one I talked with, however, agreed that the drug war is not working.
I’m not saying there aren’t regular people who still mistakenly support the government’s war on drugs. It does appear, however, that their numbers are shrinking. The thin ice under the government’s position is getting downright vaporous in places. Once enough people are willing to point out that the support is gone, the drug war will no longer be able to stand.
How about you? Did you talk with friends or family about the drug war over Christmas? What did they have to say?

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