Election Guides continue to get results

While Illinois’ 11th District Jerry Weller has been lying about my site and using it to slander his opponent, thousands of others around the country have been visiting my election guides to learn more about the positions of candidates. And that’s how it should be.
I’ve also gotten some nice notes from candidates, interested visitors, and other organizations.
“bullet” The Drug Policy Forum of California contacted me with help in the California’s 7th District. They have their own voting guide in California which is quite comprehensive. They also have a few more positive things to say about Kerry in the Presidential race.
“bullet” Kevin Zeese wrote me about my coverage of Nader-Camejo. I didn’t give Nader much play because of this year’s baggage and the lack of states in which he is on the ballot, but Kevin is certainly right that Nader has been a strong and outspoken opponent of the drug war and deserves significant credit for that. Zeese provides links to

Nader-Camejo will be coming out today in favor of California’s Prop 66 – reform of the 3 strikes law.
“bullet” A big thanks to Ben Masel who provided some wonderful additional information in the comments on the Wisconsin Guide.
“bullet” If a Presidential incumbent is defeated, it’s not just the President who loses his job — a fact that is clearly not lost on our own Minister of Disinformation, Drug Lord Czar John Walters, who has been spending this week promising lots of additional federal drug war funding (our tax money) … in Florida.
It appears that the only thing that could stop him from illegally using taxpayer’s funds to lobby against marijuana initiatives in Oregon, Montana and Alaska, is the opportunity to illegally use taxpayer’s funds to lobby for his job in Florida.

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