Thanks for the support

I’ve been getting quite a response to the offensive political tactics. It’s been wonderful. Lots of outrage at Weller’s ads, and some powerful words against the politics all around.
For example, Mark at WindyPundit eases my pain by sharing it.

Guither’s article just made me despair a little. If the Ku Klux Klan gives your campaign money, you give it back. If an Al-Qaeda-linked “charity” gives you money, you give it back. Do these politicians really put drug legalization into the same category as racism and terrorism? Do these people actually see Pete Guither’s views, Pete Guither’s values, my values, as so abhorrent that they don’t even want our money? That they slander and libel us? Are they that disgusted at the thought of not hurting drug users and putting them in cages?

Read the whole post.
Thanks, Mark. And thanks for the tip as well — I’ll be able to get some really good coffee!

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