And now, here’s something YOU can do…

Speaking of using every tool at your disposal, here’s an action alert for tomorrow (maybe today depending on when you read this) – Tuesday, October 5, 2004.
Phone/ Fax Slam to Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health & Human Servicesæ – Tuesday, Oct 5
Send a free Fax or Email from the Americans for Safe Access online action center on Tuesday. Follow up with a toll-free phone call to 877-696-6775. Tell Tommy Thomson, the head of Health and Human Services:

  • Marijuana does have a currentlyæaccepted use inæmedicalætreatment.
  • Please remember that the health and safety ofæpeopleæwhoæbenefit fromæthe medical use ofæmarijuana is in your hands.
WHY HHS?æ To ensure safe access for ALL patients, marijuana must be rescheduled, and its medicinal value recognized on the federal level. Health and Human Services (HHS) has the power to make this change. If HSS allows that marijuana has medical value, the DEA must recommend rescheduling. However, in 2001, HHS ruled that marijuana had, “No currently accepted medical use in treatment.” They did not address the mountain of data recognizing cannabis as a useful treatment. This allowed the DEA to reject rescheduling and gave them implicit permission to raid patients.

Six months later, the DEA started raiding and closing California dispensaries. Our highest health officials can stop this abuse simplyæby doing their job and applying sound science to this policy debate. Reschedule marijuana now!

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