Two siamese and their calico kingpin get 5-10 years for trafficking in catnip

It’s almost that bad:
Couple sues drug task force for arresting them over catnip

WATERVILLE, Wash. – A Loomis couple is suing the Okanogan County drug task force over their arrest for mailing a package of catnip.

Inspectors thought the catnip was marijuana after a drug dog ripped it open.

In the suit filed last month in Okanogan County Superior Court, Oral and Pamela Criswell say agents unlawfully searched their home, causing more than $20,000 damage.

They also say they were pushed to the ground and abused.

I’ll say it again. Drug Task Forces should be abolished. They are dangerous and an embarrassment.
[Next up: Tommy Chong arrested for his new business — making those little cat toy balls with the bells and a hidden compartment. Federal agents claim that the balls are primarily used by felines getting high on catnip.]

(Thanks to Will for the tip!)

Note: You all realize that the headline and the Tommy Chong part are made up, right? But the article is real? Just checking.

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