My obsession with Speaker Hastert’s remarks gets me on Fox News Sunday

On “Fox News Sunday” last night [in my dreams]:
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Chris Wallace: “Tonight on Fox News Sunday we welcome a special guest – Drug WarRant author Pete Guither, who is here to discuss the charges leveled by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert against George Soros on the Sunday edition of Fox News Sunday.”
Wallace: “Welcome to the show, Pete. It’s great to have you here, as usual.”
Pete Guither: “Great to be here, Chris. As you know, I hardly ever watch your network, but I always enjoy appearing on it.”
Wallace: “So let’s get right to it. What did you think of Dennis Hastert’s remarks on Sunday?”
Guither: “Well, Chris, it was pretty outrageous. No matter how the Speaker tries to spin it after the fact, he was clearly making it up out of thin air. It made no sense. Drug cartels wouldn’t give money to Soros — he’s trying to put them out of business by supporting legalization efforts. And the legalization groups get funds from Soros. They don’t give him funding.”
Wallace: “Why do you think he said it then? Was it just a political attack?”
Guither: “Certainly that was part of it. But there are some who say that Hastert is really trying to deflect attention from his own shadowy connections to drug groups.”
Wallace: “Excuse me?”
Guither: “Yes, this is actually very well established and documented. Speaker Dennis Hastert receives larges amounts of funding from drug groups, who expect him to use his power as speaker on their behalf to continue the excesses of the drug war, and increase their profits.”
Wallace: “You think he may have been getting money from the drug cartel?”
Guither: “That’s just one of the drug groups. We know Hastert received $114,500 in campaign contributions last year from the Pharmaceuticals and Health Products Industry. That explains his adamant refusal to accept medical marijuana and the lies that he promotes on his web site. Now the drug cartels want to have Hastert’s influence as well, but you don’t just go and list “drug cartel” on the contribution form — you use an intermediary. And sure enough, Hastert received $153,800 in campaign contributions from “Lawyers and Law Firms” — so it’s no surprise that he’s been pushing for continuation of Plan Colombia, which keeps the drug cartel wealthy.”
Wallace: “Those are pretty startling facts about the Speaker of the House.”
Guither: “Yes, and unfortunately not much will be done about it. If you consider that he’s got “powerful” friends and is so close in line for the Presidency if “something” should happen, it’s no wonder that the administration would avoid investigating him.”
Wallace: “Well thanks again for joining us, Pete. I hope you’ll consider returning soon and explaining the comments of the drug czar next time.”
Guither: “I’d be glad to, Chris. And thanks for having me on to clear things up.”

[By the way, check out Jack Shafer’s latest: “Dennis Hastert: Liar or Fool: the speaker’s unseemly habit of slandering George Soros”]

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