New Voting Guides up: Florida and Idaho, Oregon, Washington

boxTwo more voting guides are now available with endorsements (although a few races are still pending).

  • Florida — parts of the state are a bit depressing, particularly in the 7th, where drug war idiot and stooge Mica is running unopposed. There are also a couple of races where the candidates seem to need a little help learning about Colombia. No endorsement for Senate yet.
  • Idaho — only a couple of races in Idaho, yet it’s interesting that not a single candidate supports medical marijuana. What’s up with that? I expected a little more of a states’ rights viewpoint there.

I’ve got a volunteer working on Washington state for me, and I’m going to continue cranking these out when I can. Let me know if you want to help or if you’ve got a state you’d like me to tackle next.
Full voting guide is here.
Endorsement strategy for President will be coming shortly.
Update: New Drug WarRant reader Eric asked for an Oregon voting guide, so here it is.
Further Update: Washington state info is up, including all candidates in the primaries (September 14) and their positions. Final endorsements will be added after the primary election. Big thanks to THEHIM for the research work!

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