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August 2004



A new, authoritative book

I might have to check this out, despite the steep $60 price tag: Medicinal Uses of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. From the press release:

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 13, 2004–The Pharmaceutical Press, the publications division of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, with offices in London and Chicago, has published the first edition of The Medicinal […]

Judges asked to help seize almost $1 million in illegally possessed marijuana

However, in this case, the ones possessing the marijuana illegally are law enforcement officers, who stole it from medical marijuana patients. As Reuters reports, “Californians want their marijuana back”.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A group of 38 California medical marijuana patients have filed legal motions asking the federal government to give them back their pot […]

Time Magazine spreads B.C. Bud Reefer Madness hype

The article by Anita Hamilton titled This Bud’s For The U.S.: Canada’s relaxed drug laws may be fueling a boom in marijuana exports to America repeats many of the drug warriors’ standard deceptions, including:

Although the actual potency of BC Bud varies from batch to batch, depending on how it’s grown, the U.S. Drug Enforcement […]

Some good reading

There’s lots that I missed while I was gone. Here’s a few good items worth reading. More may be coming later. “bullet” Stephen Young is a good friend and an excellent drug policy reformer. You should read his article The Colonel’s Weed, which was recently printed in the Chicago Reader, telling about the hemp farm […]

Yet another medical use for marijuana….

Yawn… Apparently marijuana may be useful in shrinking cancerous tumors in the brain. Libby at Last One Speaks has the story, as do several other bloggers and drug policy reform sites. It’s almost old news — there have been so many studies showing the medical benefits of marijuana, and now there’s one more. What makes […]

Sorry for the delay

Apologies for the extended time without posting. I had less access to wireless time when I was out of town than I expected. Plus, I was busy having fun! I’ll be back posting tonight, and starting to work on voting guides for more states. A big thanks to all those who wrote me while I […]

What She Said.

Go check out Libby’s post at Last One Speaks about Kate Bradley, a former police officer who suffers from multiple sclerosis and has become an advocate for medical marijuana.

‘The first time I took it I was terrified because I really didn’t know what the effects were going to be. But when I did I […]

A brief interlude

I’m taking a little time off — up to Chicago this weekend as usual with my show (which got a nice review in the Sun-Times this week) and then a few days just having fun in the city with a friend. I’ll be checking in occasionally to see what’s going on. I’m curious to see […]

Makes sense to me

Via Drudge (Thanks, David): Stressed soldiers to be treated with cannabis

Israeli soldiers suffering from combat stress after tours of duty in the Palestinian territories could soon be treated with cannabis to relieve their symptoms, the Ma’ariv daily reported.

The mental health department of the Medical Corps is set to to begin tests in the […]

Detroit vote on Medical Marijuana looking good

Detroit Free Press:

With 40 percent of precincts reporting late Tuesday, 62 percent of voters approved the measure. Thirty-eight percent opposed it.

The Detroit proposal exempts residents who use or possess marijuana for medical purposes from the portion of the city code that makes the drug illegal.

That means Detroit police officers would not arrest […]