Yet another medical use for marijuana….

Yawn… Apparently marijuana may be useful in shrinking cancerous tumors in the brain. Libby at Last One Speaks has the story, as do several other bloggers and drug policy reform sites.
It’s almost old news — there have been so many studies showing the medical benefits of marijuana, and now there’s one more.
What makes it not old news is the fact that the U.S. government still promotes the blatant lie that there is no scientific evidence of the medical value of marijuana. And so, for that reason it is a critical piece of news. Yet, as my friend Scott notes, it’s off the radar not only of the U.S. government, but most of the mainstream media as well.
When I did a Google news search, I noticed coverage of the story in UK, South Africa, Ghana, Australia, India, Canada, Germany and all over the world.
However, in the U.S., the Washington Times put in a tiny mention, along with a TV station in Indiana and Kentucky, and some coverage in science journals.
Maybe it’s still coming? I can hope. But where’s AP and Reuters, who seem ready to pass on the Drug Czar’s distortions and lies at the drop of a hat (and without question)?

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