Some good reading

There’s lots that I missed while I was gone. Here’s a few good items worth reading. More may be coming later.
“bullet” Stephen Young is a good friend and an excellent drug policy reformer. You should read his article The Colonel’s Weed, which was recently printed in the Chicago Reader, telling about the hemp farm run by the Chicago Tribune in the 1930s.
“bullet” Potent Argument: The Latest Marijuana Scare by Jacob Sullum at Reason — another rebuttal of the ridiculous Reuters article by Maggie Fox.
“bullet” Yet Another Drug War Failure by Ted Galen Carpenter at CATO Institute — while the Drug Czar has admitted Columbia is a failure, Carpenter notes that it was doomed to failure.
“bullet” ‘Big decline’ in Colombia cocaine shows that the BBC knows how to report and actually questions the Drug Czar’s statements, particularly when they contradict each other. Would that more U.S. press would follow suit.
“bullet” Pseudoaddicts vs. Pseudopatients by Jacob Sullum again – at Hit and Run, a fascinating post about the DEA’s new pamphlet (pdf) on pain medication for doctors.
“bullet” Baylen at D’Alliance tells us about a paper in Utah that’s got their act together.

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