A brief interlude

I’m taking a little time off — up to Chicago this weekend as usual with my show (which got a nice review in the Sun-Times this week) and then a few days just having fun in the city with a friend.
I’ll be checking in occasionally to see what’s going on. I’m curious to see if Alan Keyes decides to be the GOP senate candidate in Illinois, or whether they’ll have to fall back on former drug czarina Andrea Barthwell. Either way, that candidate won’t be getting my endorsement.
“bullet” Remember that I’m looking for some assistance in preparing my voting guide. No knowledge required, just a matter of cross-referencing existing data from vote-smart and some other sources I provide. I’m ready to go ahead with California, Maryland, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oregon, Kentucky, and Idaho. If you’re interested in working on one, let me know.
“bullet” Check out this excellent recap of the potential and confirmed marijuana ballot issues this election cycle by Paul Armentano of AlterNet (of course, you already know about the win in Detroit) (thanks, Scott).
“bullet” As always, check out the current issues of Drug War Chronicle and Drug Sense Weekly
“bullet” Read a couple of enlightening posts on the Drug War in Afghanistan at
Media Crapola and Last One Speaks. Here’s conservative and a liberal who both agree that the U.S. drug policy is a failure. Why can’t our government see it?

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