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August 2004



Go Read…

I’m busy working on the next state US House voting guide (this time, California, Illinois is already up), and dealing with an unexplained slow internet connection at the same time. So go read Baylen at D’alliance who has been blogging up a storm. He’s got so many posts up in the last two days that […]

Justice Department fails to locate civil rights

From the Charlotte Observer: Officers cleared in drug raid at S.C. high school.

CHARLESTON – A guns-drawn raid at a Goose Creek high school last year did not violate civil rights laws, and the case is closed, the U.S. Justice Department says. …

Using a drug dog, police found no drugs or weapons in […]

Pot grower charged with murder

Several readers sent me this story: Pot grower faces murder charges for firefighter deaths. Daniel Brough was growing marijuana in a basement closet in Philadelphia. The lamps dried out the wood in the closet and started a fire. Two firefighters (Fire Capt. John Taylor and firefighter Rey Rubio) died in the resulting blaze. Now Brough […]

Fascinating news from Marijuana Policy Project

The MPP is really doing a great job of getting the word out. “bullet” First, this release which is designed to prep the media for the upcoming barrage of meaningless statistics, which will inevitably be spun to support drug warrior claims.

“The annual changes in these survey results generally have no more significance than the […]

Drug Lord John Walters

The Nevada Appeal newspaper makes an interesting slip in their headline about Drug Czar John Walters and the Nevada Supreme Court’s ruling:

High court avoids drug lord disclosure case

Maybe it’s not so silly. After all, he is an internationally notorious figure, with underlings that do his bidding. He profits from the illegal drug trade […]

Just what we need

An anonymous friend send me this little news item (you have to scroll down):

Citizens Police Academy will open a 13-week training course Aug. 31.

During the three-hour-long sessions at the Palm Springs Police Department training center, citizens will learn basic laws, traffic stop techniques, arrest and control techniques and theories, SWAT tactics and participate […]

How we treat doctors who treat pain

On February 1, 2002, Cecil Knox was seeing patients in his Roanoke, Virginia, clinic when more than a dozen federal agents burst through the doors with guns drawn. Helmeted, shielded, and wearing bullet-proof vests, they terrified waiting patients and employees. One worker later told the Pain Relief Network, a patient advocacy group, she thought […]

Legalization isn’t about drug problems

Libby at Last One Speaks does a great job of keeping me up to date with the activities of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). One quote in particular in her recent post struck me:

“Legalization of drugs is not intended to be an approach to our drug problem in America,” [Law Enforcement Against Prohibition member […]

Conservatives and the Drug War

Martin at Media Crapola has the story about Martha Witherspoon, a 75-year-old great-grandmother, who just finished serving 15 years in prison for buying cocaine from a narc. Martin concludes his post with this strong point:

Not to pick on the Right here, but Republican conservatives are the most vocal of the drug warriors, and they […]

“Tough” is not the solution to crime and poverty

Eugene Volokh’s post last night (“Crime and Poverty“) links approvingly to “A Real Story of Two Americas” by Doug Kern at Tech Central and discusses the link between poverty and crime. Unfortunately, both Doug Kern and Eugene Volokh buy into the “we can solve the problem if we just indiscriminately put more people in jail […]