Why drug cops can’t win

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Joel Miller’s article Why Drug Cops Can’t Win” at World Net Daily is an interesting read. (Joel Miller is also author of the new book “Bad Trip: How the Drug War is Destroying America.”)
In the World Net Daily article, Miller relates, from discussions with drug traffickers reported in his book, some of the techniques and tactics used to smuggle drugs:

  • Covertly building a submarine capable of hauling 10 tons of cocaine to carry it from Colombia to the U.S.
  • Using time-released buoys and GPS trackers to sync drug shipments on the open sea.
  • Combining cocaine with plastic resin and producing functioning, commercial goods from which the drug can be chemically extracted once across the border.
  • Disguising stashes of cocaine in hollowed-out passion fruit or in plastic plantains; hiding psilocybin mushrooms in chocolates.
  • Digging a 1,200-foot tunnel, complete with ventilation ducts and electric lights to take marijuana and cocaine from a home in Mexico to another in California.
  • Dropping drugs in the uninhabited desert by plane and using GPS locaters on the ground to find and bring them across the poorly manned border.
  • Training — no lie here, folks — pigeons to fly packets of dope across the border.

As Joel explains:

Whatever police do to clamp down, smugglers maneuver around. Some get caught while others make the appropriate adjustments to their tactics, and some are just lousy smugglers to begin with. But consistently nabbing 10 percent is hardly something to brag about.

Do drug warriors honestly wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and get a rush of pride that only 90 percent of illegal narcotics are getting through thanks to them? Sadly — and adding an entirely new dimension to the word “pathetic” — yes, they do.

As for the rest of us, we need something different. The war on drugs is spending taxpayer money by the billions and tossing it down a thousand rat holes.

Thanks to Dave at What Would Dick Think? for the link.
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