Drug War ‘Ark of the Covenant’ is Empty

Nice column by Dean Becker in this month’s The Free Press (Houston, TX)

For 89 1/2 years, we have escalated the mechanisms, the bloodshed, the deaths, disease and misery of our nation through our policy of “drug prohibition”.æ Based on racial screeds and hysterical posturing, the drug war has taken on a life of its’ own.

There is no justice, no logic, no basis whatsoever to this drug war.æ There is not one person of stature within the legislature, not one cop or drug czar, not one doctor or journalist who dares to defend this drug war policy in an open, public debate.æ It cannot be done.æ The prohibition of drugs is a sham, the largest fraud ever perpetrated on the peoples of this earth.

Fear runs the drug war.æ True ignorance or superstition are rarely a part of the equation in this day and age.æ Fear of job loss, of societal demonization, fear of losing votes in an election all stand in the way of truth, progress and freedom.æ The councilmen, mayor and district attorney all showed their fear, by falling back to faux superstition, feigned ignorance or the silence of the lambs as their defense.

When the call for change first occurs for marijuana policy, for overall drug reform, it’s not likely to come from the mouths of the councilmen, mayor, district attorney or police chief.æ The call must come from those citizens brave enough to recognize and put forth that “the emperor has no clothes.” There is nobody in a position of authority who can defend this abominable drug war.

It is our job to drive these drug warriors down to the river of reform for baptism.æ Forcibly, if need be.

When do we stop putting our children behind bars for little baggies? It’s your decision.

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