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May 2004



‘Drugged driver’ law facing court challenges

It’s really, really bad law and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal reports that it’s about to get some constitutional scrutiny at the state level.

A new law aimed at so-called drugged drivers is facing constitutional challenges as the first prosecutions under the legislation go to court.

Instead of establishing a threshold by which drivers who have used […]

Positive Development in Hemp Fiber

An interesting release came out about 2 weeks ago from Hemptown Clothing:

Hemptown Clothing Inc., a leading provider of environmentally responsible clothing, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) on the development of a patentable enzyme technology process that may see hemp fibers […]

Tobacco, Drugs, and Regulation

Adam J. Smith of Progressive Capitalist has a very interesting post on recent moves to have the FDA assume regulatory control over tobacco. In part:

We live in a society in which most “recreational” drugs are prohibited. That is to say, they are completely unregulated. Illegal under almost all circumstances to produce, market and possess, […]

Breaking news: Badnarik wins Libertarian nomination in an upset

From the AP:

Michael Badnarik, a computer programmer from Texas, won the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination on Sunday.

Badnarik, 49, of Austin, defeated former Hollywood movie producer Aaron Russo on the convention’s third ballot, after former radio host Gary Nolan, who was eliminated on the second ballot, endorsed Badnarik.

Badnarik’s take on the drug war:


Art that grows on you…

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Swedish art exhibit featuring cannabis plants may have to be canceled after police confiscated the plants in a drugs bust.

The exhibition, due to open on Saturday in the university town of Lund and titled “Counterclockwise Circumambulation,” was partially destroyed when police cut the plants to take them away as […]

Nation’s Prison Population Increase Largest in Four Years

The Bureau of Justice Statistics will be releasing a report this afternoon regarding prison population in the U.S. from June 2002-June 2003 (the most recent period studied). Some “highlights:”

The nation’s prisons and jails held 2,078,570 men and women on June 30, 2003, an increase of 57,600 more inmates than state, local and federal officials […]

Bill O’Reilly’s shifting marijuana story

O’Reilly is against open societies. World O’Crap notes that Bill needs to stop going to Doors’ concerts. Basically, Bill seems to believe that we need to keep arresting 750,000 people for marijuana each year — otherwise inconsiderate men will blow smoke in 9-year-old boys’ faces at a Doors concert without fear of O’Reilly.


Former Drug Czar changes tone… ?

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required) comes this commentary by Barry R. McCaffrey and Mitchell S. Rosenthal.

Driven in large measure by harsh drug laws, our prison population has grown from 200,000 to two million over the past 30 years. Now, the tide is turning and, by legislation or referendum, one state after another […]

Kari Rein – One small step toward justice

My original post back in January…

From the Oregon Register-Guard:

[Kari] Rein, 42, and her husband James Jungwirth, 41, a U.S. citizen, have lived in Williams, near Grants Pass, for 15 years. They run an herb and seaweed harvesting business and have a 14-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son.

11 years ago, Rein was convicted […]

Guest Drug WarRants

A reminder that Guest Drug WarRants are always welcome. Here’s a new addition – a piece on drugs and sports.