Oops. We almost killed you. Sorry. Here’s some fruit.

LastOneSpeaks has the story of another bad bust which could have easily become another unfortunate one of my Drug War Victims.
From the Post:

An 84-year-old Brooklyn man says he and his wife – who uses a walker – were terrorized by cops who invaded the wrong apartment looking for a drug dealer.

As a result of their terrifying two-hour ordeal, Martin Goldberg said he has facial bruises and his 82-year-old wife, Leona, is in the hospital with an irregular heartbeat.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the cops went to the right apartment in the wrong building of the Sheepshead Nostrand Houses in Sheepshead Bay.

Goldberg’s response about the NYPD after the incident:

“Not going to change. They’ll do the same thing over and over again.”

The police are trying to fix their little mistake. They’ve now sent the Goldbergs a big basket of fruit for Passover. How nice.

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