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Marijuana Policy Project’s Rob Kampia testified Thursday before the farce that is the U.S. Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources, chaired by drug warrior Mark Souder.
“Testified” is one term for what he did. “Tore them a new one” would perhaps be more accurate.
The topic was “Marijuana and Medicine: The Need for a Science-
Based Approach.” Kampia made it clear that he and MPP were in favor of a Science-based approach, and that they were probably the only ones in the room who were.
He slammed the government’s past tendency to ignore scientific evidence on medical marijuana and propagate myths and lies. He completely tore apart Andrea Barthwell’s OpEd in the Chicago tribune, exposing her outright falsehoods.
He finished with:

This hearing is a witch hunt, not a quest for knowledge.
The goal of this subcommittee, under its current leadership, is not to adopt a true scientific approach to the subject of marijuana. If that were the case, the authors of the Institute of Medicine report and physicians and patients from the eight medical marijuana states would have been invited. Or a representative from the American Nurses Association. Or a representative from the American Public Health Association.
No, the clear goal of the current chairman is to expend federal funds in a fruitless quest to find evidence that supports his own baseless belief….
In sum, the Marijuana Policy Project strongly supports a science-based approach to medical marijuana. We hope that Chairman Souder eventually abandons his reliance on myths and lies, stops the federal witch hunt for medical marijuana patients and doctors, and embraces an approach that is based on science.

Delightful! Read (or watch) his entire testimony here.

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