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April 2004



Today’s must-reads

“bullet” Eric Schlosser’s Make Peace with Pot, in the New York Times today.

The current war on marijuana is a monumental waste of money and a source of pointless misery. America’s drug warriors, much like its marijuana smokers, seem under the spell of a powerful intoxicant. They are not thinking clearly.

“bullet” Daniel Forbes’ The Drug War Includes Fixing Elections, today at

With two federal watchdog agencies freeing the White House drug czar to overtly influence state ballot initiatives, the Senate is poised to reauthorize this anti-democratic exercise for the next five years — the wheels greased by a ten-year total of $4 billion in taxpayer-funded advertising designed to sway the votes of those who pay for it.

War on Drugs hurting U.S. asparagus farmers

Thanks to T Chris at TalkLeft and a tip of the hat to Jeff: This New York Times Article points out:

To reduce the flow of cocaine into this country by encouraging farmers in Peru to grow food instead of coca, the United States in the early 1990’s started to subsidize a year-round Peruvian […]

Life on the Outside

Check out this Mother Jones review by Debra J. Dickerson of Jennifer Gonnerman’s book, Life on the Outside: The Prison Odyssey of Elaine Bartlett (Thanks to David for the tip).

Because of New York’s Rockefeller drug laws, Elaine’s childish irresponsibility cost her 20 to life, Nathan’s defeatist chivalry a minimum 25. These two […]

Tommy Chong Bong Song

Thanks to Scott for pointing out this delightful ditty (mp3 file), which includes the lyrics:

We can’t find Bin Laden and we’re stuck in Iraq but we got Tommy Chong under key and lock. Tommy Chong. Serving 9 months in prison for selling bongs. To you i sing this song. Tommy Chong. … […]