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March 2004



Drug WarRant Endorsements for the Illinois Republican and Democrat primaries

I’ve promised this for some time, and I’m finally coming through with my endorsements for the primary, including President (ymy views there have been clear for a while), Senate, and a couple of smaller local races. So here goes. President Democrats:

Dennis Kucinich. Sure, John Kerry’s got the nomination. He even has all […]

Here’s your chance to meet the Minister of Disinformation

This, from the Drug Policy Alliance, has been posted elsewhere, but I felt it’s important enough to present it in full here as well.

Drug Czar John Walters is at it again – traveling around the country on a taxpayer-funded drug war myths tour – but this time we have his schedule!! Walters […]

By Government Decree: The Drug Czar IS the Minister of Disinformation

Via Cannabis News we learn that the General Accounting Office has given federal approval to the Drug Czar to lie to us (not that he needed it before). U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) complained to the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) back in April of last year about misleading statements used by the […]

John Kerry Internet Town Meeting

Loyal reader Scott has been keeping me informed about the activity at the John Kerry forum. Although registered, I haven’t had time to visit there much recently. However, there is a strong and active drug policy debate going on there that has expanded into five topics already. Go over, check them out and participate!


Catching up…

While I was gone, LastOneSpeaks had outstanding coverage of the major drug war reform news, including the following highlights: “bullet” Students Speak, DEA Sneaks Away, showing once again that drug warriors are terrified to debate honestly, because their “facts” just… aren’t. “bullet” Deep in the Heart of Texas. I’ve talked a bit about the […]

Back from New York

New York was a blast, and there was no time for posting to the blog this past week. We played four-square on the Brooklyn Bridge at 3 in the morning, had incredible bagels at Bagels on the Square, sushi at Japonica, egg drop and wonton soup at Wo Hop, dogs at Gray’s Papaya, tiramisu […]