Here’s your chance to meet the Minister of Disinformation

This, from the Drug Policy Alliance, has been posted elsewhere, but I felt it’s important enough to present it in full here as well.

Drug Czar John Walters is at it again – traveling around the country on a taxpayer-funded drug war myths tour – but this time we have his schedule!!
Walters and the White House usually keep his schedule a secret until the last minute because they fear that drug policy reformers like you will challenge his drug war lies. This time around we can plan ahead and pressure him to answer the real questions! We know exactly where he will talk and what topic he will address – the Bush administration’s plans to take away parents’ rights to decide how best to keep their kids safe. Let’s say no to student drug testing!!!
Chicago, IL, March 16, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Radisson Hotel Schaumburg, 1725 Algonquin Road)
Fresno, CA, March 18, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Fresno Convention Center, 848 M Street)
Atlanta, GA, March 25, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Holiday Inn, 450 Capitol Avenue)
Denver, CO, April 8, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Executive Tower Hotel, 1405 Curtis Street)

You can RSVP for the summits here. You can also check their online tool kit for ways to help end student drug testing.
This is a great opportunity to confront the Drug Czar’s lies and propaganda, or just to let the press and others attending know that there’s another side to this story.

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