Help reduce the number of those !#^$%#* TV Commercials!

In my in-box today from the Drug Policy Alliance:

If you could slash the amount of your tax money being spent on absurd TV ads comparing marijuana smokers to terrorists, would you act right now?

Is the pope catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Drug Czar an unethical taxpayer-funded lobbyist?

You have an opportunity today to cut those ads and save taxpayers $50 million a year. Right now Congress is debating how much of your money should be spent on the anti-drug ads next year. The House wants to spend $150 million, but the Senate only wants to spend $100 million. Your Senator, Richard Durbin, is on the committee that will make the final decision.

And I can pretty much count on him doing the right thing, but I’d like to follow up anyway. What do I do?

1) Call Senator Durbin’s office TODAY. Call the Capitol Switchboard for free at 1-800-839-5276 and ask for Senator Richard Durbin. Tell him you strongly oppose wasting taxpayer money to support government advertising campaigns that are ineffective and can be produced privately. Tell his office, “I want Senator Durbin to save taxpayers $50 million by only spending $100 million on the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, part of the Transportation-Treasury appropriation bill. In a time of war and deficit spending he should go with the Senate spending level, not the $150 million the House wants to spend”.

Actually, he should go with the spending level of $0, but I guess you gotta take what you can get.
For more on this, visit the Drug Policy Alliance.
Oh, and by the way, the new anti-marijuana ads produced by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Partnership for a Drug- Free America, will utilize sarcasm. Right.

The effort launches with a pair of 30-second spots. In “Pool,” a toddler carries an inflatable raft to a swimming pool and places it in the water. As she teeters on the edge, a voiceover says: “Just tell her parents you weren’t watching her because you were getting stoned. They’ll understand.”
The other ad, “Pick Up,” shows a group of young boys leaving a baseball field. One sits on the curb, waiting to be picked up, as day turns to dusk. The voiceover says, “Just tell your little brother that you forgot to pick him up because you were getting stoned. He’ll understand.”

I can’t wait. Thankfully they’ll be out in time for Thanksgiving. (via TalkLeft)
What’s that phone number to call my Senator again?

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