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Welcome to the folks from Matthew’s Are You Outraged? blog. It’s always great when another blogger opposed to the drug war stops by. You can get a feel for his posts by checking out The evil of Ashcroft and the DEA knows no bounds

Caring is a very long way down the list of the things the DEA does.

bullet imageDRCNet is offering a new instructional
video, “BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police
Encounters,” as their new premium gift to members donating at the
$35 level or above. Produced by the Flex Your Rights Foundation
and narrated by retired ACLU executive director Ira Glasser,
BUSTED realistically depicts the pressure and confusion of
common police encounters.
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Kate Scannell in the Oakland Tribune:

As a doctor, I am stunned by the intensity of the Bush administration’s obsession with medical marijuana.æ It boggles my mind to think that our government officials are spending so much time and money to obstruct the use of a medication that might actually help cancer patients tolerate their chemotherapy, AIDS patients gain a little weight, glaucoma patients suffer less.

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Via TalkLeft: Anyone wishing to write to Tommy Chong may do so through this address:

Thomas Kin Chong
Taft CI
PO Box 7001
1500 Cadet Road
Taft, CA 93268

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Clearly at the Odd end:

Cops in Bogota, Colombia, are accustomed to finding drugs stashed on planes bound for the United States, but were surprised to find a cache of cocaine on a jet inbound from Miami.
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