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April 2012



There are days when I really want to revoke my citizenship

bullet image Justices Approve Strip-Searches for Any Offense

bullet image As Part of Agreement with Prosecutors, Capitol Hemp to Close Stores

bullet image Oaksterdam University Raided by Feds

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42 comments to There are days when I really want to revoke my citizenship

  • darkcycle

    Pete, I came to the understanding a long time ago that my citizenship was to a country that no longer exists. That goes for any allegiance as well. That country had a constitution that allegedly protected us from crap like this.

    • Duncan20903

      Didn’t Mr. Jefferson write about and warn against something he called “the tyranny of the majority”?

  • Peter

    does the obama administration really believe that an all-out war on cannabis users is going to increase his vote?

    • Duncan20903


      Haven’t you seen how many people are saying that he “has to do this to beat the Republicans” and as soon as he’s safely ensconced in his lame duck term he’ll set us free?

      Tell me that you’re going to vote for Mr. Santorum or Mr. Romney. I’m probably the closest thing you’ll find to a Republican in this forum and I’ll forego voting before I’ll vote for either of those assholes. Even the vague thought of voting for Newt gives me a conniption fit.

      No doubt I’ll vote for the Green party again unless there’s a rupture in the time space continuum, but what’s the point really if no one else joins me? Hell, it seems like half of my friends are busy working against getting pot legal because they object to some petty details. While they’re busy demanding perfection in the details the tyrannists are taking control.

      I didn’t realize I could revoke my citizenship. Where does the line form?

      • Windy

        I still say, vote in the primaries/caucuses for Ron Paul, his delegate strategy is quite possible to win him the nomination or at the very least a brokered convention where he may likely take the nomination. I am a delegate for Dr. Paul to my county convention, at which the delegates to the State convention will be elected, I attended a delegate meeting for Ron Paul delegates last week and I was blown away by how many of us there were from my county caucuses, there was not enough room to seat all of us at a large venue. I was less surprised by the variety of us, all ages, all colors, all classes (poor, middle, and upper), I already knew that we are a varied lot, but we all trust Ron Paul to deliver on his campaign promises to restore Constitutional government (which means, among other things, no more government interference in peoples’ choices for recreational substances).

  • Jake

    May be of interest (and kind of relevant), but nothing you guys didn’t already know; (about police abusing their powers on your side of the pond)

  • Meanwhile

    Gunman opens fire at East Oakland college


  • divadab

    The closer they are to defeat, the more desperate and vile they become. This is their livelihood, as morally duplicitous as it is, they are defending. Be careful around a cornered beast!

    • Francis

      Yeah, I had the same thought, divadab. Prohibition is a cornered, injured, and dying beast, but it’s still a dangerous one.

  • drink the koolaid comrade

    Don’t give up comrade. We elected the messiah to usher in a golden post racial hopetopia. Hang in there, a glorious future awaits.

    • Duncan20903


      You do realize that your clown like reactionary response gives me a warm fuzzy about Mr. Obama betraying his base of support, right? He’s doing this to win your vote but you’re so wrapped in hatred that all you think of doing is making fun of the betrayed like the little, little man that you are.

      Don’t blame me, I voted for Bob Barr.

      • Duncan20903


        Oh my, did I hurt the itty bitty feelings of an imitation conservative? Well good, I’m glad to know you clowns stop by this forum from time to time. Imi-cons are the most brain dead people of the entire political spectrum.

  • Dano

    I feel the same way somedays. Unfortunately there are no perfect countries, so instead I just hope that someday we’ll learn better; maybe even by looking at what other countries are doing better. I know that’s a novel idea that we haven’t tried again for the last 200 years, but it might just work!

  • Dante

    While the Feds raid Oaksterdam, some nut shoots up a church in Oakland.

    The police continue to insist that they keep up safe by grabbing peaceful, unarmed smokers, while gunman run amok in schools and churches.

    Protect & Serve? Who?

  • darkcycle

    Live from the DEA raid in Oakland streaming now, 3:14PM Pacific

  • J.J.

    From Monday’s SCOTUS ruling, “every detainee who will be admitted to the general population may be required to undergo a close visual inspection while undressed.”

    And they pinky-swear to never, ever abuse this authority (except in isolated incidents). So, nothing to worry about. Move along…

  • Peter

    good point dante. this sums up how le resources are diverted from real le needs ie preventing mass shootings to pointless manpower wastes like harrassing dispensaries

  • iDub

    can it be left wingers trying to gain some right of center votes before November?

    • I don’t think it’s for votes. At least not directly. I don’t think any of this can generate votes. But money? Yes. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find that campaign contributions were tied to some of this.

  • gosh… that SC vote is many things, none nice. Time to arrest the Supremes majority that voted for this and subject them to their own rules. I bet their tune would change. Their tune sure needs to change.

    I have this beginning to a dittie, not sure where or if it’ll go… saying goodbye, to america… but there it is. About sums up my emotions right now.

  • Ayuh

    “There are days when I really want to revoke my citizenship”

    You ready to pay the taxes on that? I think it’s 1/3rd of the value of everything you own.

    • ezrydn

      This May, I finally transition from “Emegrante” to “Emegrado” status here. Full rights but can’t vote. Still a US Citizen but also a “Tale of Two Cities.”

      Now, this is CHANGE I can live with! It’s good to have a home away from home.

  • Servetus

    Four U.S. attorneys are making Obama look really bad to his former supporters due to their attacks on medical marijuana dispensaries. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama has not yet fired all the U.S. attorneys appointed by his predecessor. This has become a problem, yet it’s a simple process to remedy. It’s time to dump the old U.S. attorneys and get new ones.

    • darkcycle

      Servetus, there is absolutely, catagorically no possible way Obama and Holder are not directing this. That fucking fistula Holder is doing this whole thing to clear the field for GW Pharma and to protect their precious prohibition. They want it all. They want the MMJ monopoly, they want to continue to have the tools to clamp down on the portions of the populace that they find “troublesome”, and to trample the Bill of Rights. This is directed from the highest levels. The corporations.

      • Peter

        why would they be so supportive of a uk based company who cannot legally donate to pacs etc?

        • Duncan20903

          Are Otsuka, Bayer, Novartis, Almirall and Neopharm also similarly unable to make contributions? Otsuka in particular since they own the US license for Sativex? Don’t forget about subsidiary companies.

          Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

          The Otsuka Group comprises 153 companies and employs approximately 36,000 people in 23 countries and regions worldwide. Otsuka and its consolidated subsidiaries earned US $9.6 billion in annual revenue in its fiscal year ended in March 2009.

          GW and Otsuka are collaborating on the US development of Sativex. The initial target indication for FDA approval is cancer pain. Sativex is currently undergoing a Phase IIb/III clinical trial in cancer pain.

          Under the Sativex US licence agreement, GW has granted Otsuka an exclusive license to develop and market Sativex in the US. GW is responsible for the manufacture and supply of Sativex to Otsuka. GW and Otsuka jointly oversee all US clinical development and regulatory activities. Such activities are being carried out by GW at Otsuka’s cost.

        • Peter

          Duncan, I agree that it no doubt happens in a round about way (US based foreign subsidiaries, superpacs etc) but Article 1 of the Constitution prohibits it, and this ban has been regularly reaffirmed throughout the last 200 years.

        • darkcycle

          Huh? What do you mean? they can give as much as they want and they are. It’s about time you woke up to the wolrd of “Citizens United” and the Corporate Scotus.

        • Duncan20903


          I’ll never get why people who want a strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution can justify calling the Citizen’s United ruling anything but spot on.

        • Peter

          citizens united applies to us companies only but as i said subsidiaries are way round this

        • darkcycle

          Sorry, Peter, Citizens United does not require the PACS to divulge where their funds come from. It may be illegal, but it is protected from discovery.

        • Peter

          It’s not a totally bleak scenario though. Every so often a politician or donor will get caught breaking the rules and the potential charge of money laundering carries a very heavy penalty. Tom Delay and zombie candidate Newt Gingrich are both finished as politicians, and Delay may yet see the inside of a prison cell.

        • Duncan20903

          Peter, there’s nothing in Article I of the US Constitution that has anything whatever to do with campaign contributions whether foreign or domestic.

        • Peter

          duncan its in the last paragrph of section 9

    • atrocity

      Melinda The Haag is an Obama appointee, not a holdover.

  • darkcycle

    Duncan, look at your FB wall. My pony is good for something after all.