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October 2011



Open thread

We had a little problem yesterday where a regular’s posts got sucked up by the spam filter. This can happen sometimes and it’s hard to know why, but I am very much dependent on the extraordinary efforts of that filter. At this point, we’re up to around 88,000 spam comments each month at Drug WarRant.


What I’m reading

Glenn Greenwald has a new book out: “With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law is Used To Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful.”

I haven’t completely finished it yet, but I highly recommend it based on what I’ve already read. Greenwald is one of the very best political writers today and he truly […]

News flash – people protect their jobs

There’s an AP story circulating out there with the headline: Addiction docs restate anti-marijuana stance

My reaction was… Well, of course they do. It’s like saying “Meat packers restate anti-vegan stance.” Duh.

If the addiction industry lost all the criminal justice referrals for marijuana “addiction,” they’d be out a ton of easy money and have […]

White House answers pot petitions, LEAP responds

Late Friday, the White House answered the top-vote-getting petition and seven other marijuana petitions in one response (Friday afternoon is traditionally considered a good time to “dump the trash” — put out a bunch of stuff they have to release but don’t want to have noticed much, just before the weekend.)

LEAP has already responded


Careful with what’s growing in your vegetables

Classic. 1927 New York Times (via Radley Balko)

Drug Facts

Next week is Drug Facts Week, an event organized by NIDA supposedly to promote facts, but in actuality more to promote propaganda.

So we have our own counter version at, which I’ve been advertising on Google (as well as on this site), and it’s gotten some pretty good hits, particularly lately. To take a […]

Who knew U.S. attorneys could be so funny?

This one really cracked me up.

WASHINGTON — U.S. attorneys have a message for California’s medical marijuana advocates: Don’t blame Barack Obama. After it was announced that the crackdown on medical pot establishments in the Golden State was a collective decision by the four U.S. attorneys in California and not the result of any directive […]

The President has heard us loud and clear

This morning, a large number of people got an official White House letter from David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President.

It was a letter to talk about the success of the “We the People” online petition initiative from the White House and to encourage more involvement. The opening of the letter was just what […]

America – what a country!

The following article from The Voice of Russia sounds even more entertaining if you imagine it being spoken by Yakov Smirnoff.

U. S plans to legalize marijuana.

There is a term in the U.S.: “war on drugs” which describes the state‚Äôs attempt to wage war on the spread of drugs. The campaign is having a […]


Some excellent conferences coming up shortly…

Reform Conference

This is the major biennial International Drug Policy Reform Conference being held November 2-5 in Los Angeles. Full of speakers, workshops, and social events with over 1,000 people in attendance.

The Cato Institute is hosting Ending the Global War on Drugs on Tuesday, November 15.