America – what a country!

The following article from The Voice of Russia sounds even more entertaining if you imagine it being spoken by Yakov Smirnoff.

U. S plans to legalize marijuana.

There is a term in the U.S.: “war on drugs” which describes the state’s attempt to wage war on the spread of drugs. The campaign is having a telling effect not only on the state’s budget. 80 per cent of all the prisoners in American jails were convicted for marijuana offence.

And most of them come out of prisons mentally damaged. Against this backdrop, 50 per cent of Americans are calling for the legalization of Indian hemp. This is not because Americans have become more liberal-minded, says Bill Piper, Chief of the “Drug Policy Alliance”.

In the past 50 years, the numbers of supporters of the “poison” has been increasing steadily, and towards the end of the 90s, a law which allowed obtaining of marijuana on a prescription, in a free medical marijuana dispensary, was adopted in 17 American states. […]

An organization called “Law emforces against ban” has been formed. The members have proposed legalizing all the existing drugs, arguing that this could help protest children from prohibited substances, remove drugs from the streets, and keep more effective records of drug addicts.

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7 Responses to America – what a country!

  1. JDV says:

    The English makes my eyes bleed.

  2. Maria says:

    Yeah. The English is interesting.

    What’s also interesting is the “subtle” ‘look how these foreign influences from a failed nation are meddling in our strong society’ spin at the end. Is it just me? Maybe it’s the English. 😉

    The Russian League for thelegalization of drugs has borrowed the argument of their foreign colleagues word for word, using only the Internet to put its case across.

    Hundreds of organizations in Russia have joined the Orthodox Church in opposing the use of marijuana. President Dmitry Medvedev is equally against the legalization of marijuana, and last year he spoke about the steps which need to be taken to stamp out drugs in the country, which include the introduction of tough preventive measures, including the inclusion of the appropriate in the school curriculum.

  3. Duncan20903 says:

    They’re giving away free medicinal grade cannabis in 17 States? How the heck did I miss that? Is it too late to get in line?

  4. Ed Dunkle says:

    Now we know where Michelle Leonhart has been getting her information.

  5. Bear says:

    Dear god.

    “An organization called ‘Law emforces against ban’ has been formed.”

    I certainly hope he means “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” as that is actually a group dedicated to what he claims.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Stuff from languages that use different alphabets just doesn’t translate into English well. What was the name of that guy who just got voted out of office in Libya? Gaddafi? Ghadafi? Khadafi? Kadahfi? Qaddafi? My spell check software votes for Qaddafi.

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