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September 2011



Finally, an anti-drug slogan I can get behind!

Red Ribbon Week 2011 Launches New Contest: “It’s Up To Me To Be Drug Free”

Exactly. It’s up to me. Not up to the government, or the schools, or my employer, or some busybody who decided that a plant is immoral. It’s my decision.

It’s up to me to be drug free. And nobody else.


Odds and Ends

“Points: The Blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society” discusses Eric Sterling’s blog and gives a shout-out to Drug WarRant.

Over at “At Painful Truth: The Entrapment of America’s Sick read Branded and see how our drug war attacks people in so many ways, including their dignity as individuals.

New Mexico […]

Former Drug Czar Opposes Drug Testing Welfare Recipients


Despite a new survey that shows seven out of ten Floridians support drug testing welfare recipients,but former White House Drug Policy Coordinator Barry McCaffrey says the testing is counterproductive.[…]

Asked about Florida’s new policy of testing welfare recipients…some of whom are returning veterans, McCaffrey says the policy is misguided.

“What kind of sense does […]

Strong words

From Ethan Baron in the Winnipeg Free Press, this is certainly a … graphic way of getting the point across.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is getting tougher on pot growers than he is on rapists of children. Under the Tories’ omnibus crime legislation tabled Tuesday, a person growing 201 pot plants in a rental unit […]

New York – too little, too late

As a follow-up to the story of the New York Police Commissioner asking cops to obey the law, the New York Times has a powerful editorial: Trouble With Marijuana Arrests

Commissioner Raymond Kelly of the New York Police Department came forth with too little, too late when he issued a memo directing officers not to […]

Open Thread

I saw a production of The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman last night. It’s an important piece of theatre, but it has always been a supremely unenjoyable experience for me seeing it performed. I just end up getting pissed off at the close-minded moralists who end up destroying the lives of good people, and the […]

The Ignored War

Of course, to us, the war on drugs is far from an ignored war — we’re dealing with it every day.

And yet, José Fernandez López in the Huffington Post points out that it is ignored in some of the most important places.

In one of his widely read columns, journalist Andrés Oppenheimer complained last […]

a… victory

For those who haven’t heard, there was some pretty huge news on Friday in New York:

Police Commissioner Calls on NYPD to Stop Improper Marijuana Arrests

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has issued an internal order to the New York City Police Department commanding officers to stop arresting people for small amounts of marijuana possession, if […]


Terror and Drugs! Good and Evil! Eternal War!

Yes, it’s Paul Chabot. Back in April, I mentioned the upcoming release of this former drug czar advisor’s book “Eternal Battle Against Evil”

Now it’s out. And just in case you’re not frightened enough to buy this book and join the fight against evil, check out this […]

Magic Brownies

Absolutely brilliant. Lampoons so many cultural phenomena with a bizarrely off-beat humor. I think I’ve just become a Fiber One fan.

Check out the entire over-the-top page of this viral marketing campaign: Cheech and Chong’s Magic Brownie Adventure