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May 2010
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Making a difference

In case you missed it in comments, I just wanted to point out readers here doing some important work.

In my post about the Judge Napolitano video, I suggested:

Now, find out who your local alderman is, or whatever the most local unit of government is in your area. Send them the link to this […]

Rarely is the question asked 'Is our bureaucrats learning?'

Fun with referral logs…

Surfing from a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services computer ( came the following google search:

geroge washington and cannibis

Fortunately, teh Google was smart enough to take help them find my Why is Marijuana Illegal? page, despite my use of correct spelling.

Update: OK, I apologize for making fun […]

ACLU attacks Drug Control Strategy

From the press release:

“The Obama administration deserves credit for vocalizing a commitment to moving away from the failed and unconstitutional policies that have defined America’s war on drugs. But any strategy aimed at reversing the mistakes of the drug war must both fund treatment and ensure that enforcement efforts preserve civil rights, and ONDCP’s […]

Making change

Radley Balko’s crime column is on the Columbia, Missouri drug raid we’ve been talking about.

The officers in that video aren’t rogue cops. They’re no different than other SWAT teams across the country. The raid itself is no different from the tens of thousands of drug raids carried out each year in the U.S. […]