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February 2009



72% want Obama to end DEA raids

According to a California NORML press release:

While the DEA continues to stage medical marijuana raids in California, nearly three-quarters of voters think President Obama should honor his campaign pledge to end the raids, according to a poll of 1,053 likely voters by Zogby International. In a question sponsored by NORML, voters were asked: During […]

Self-defense = voluntary manslaughter

If you’re attacked by cops, that is. The verdict is in on the Ryan Frederick case.

The jury deliberated over two days before convicting Frederick of voluntary manslaughter and finding him not guilty of more serious homicide offenses, including capital murder. […] The jury also convicted Frederick of simple marijuana possession, which carries a penalty […]

Michael Phelps – the good stuff suggestions and NORML videos

“bullet” It appears that is moving into its next phase and for their Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana idea, that Marijuana Policy Project will be working with them on implementation. You can contribute suggestions, or comment on them. I find it a bit chaotic — the few really practical suggestions as to how to build a campaign are getting buried by meaningless statements of the “why isn’t the government doing anything” or “Return our Constitutional Rights” nature and a few people are dominating by posting ad nauseam.
“bullet” NORML has been running their third annual Marijuana Law Reform Ad Contest with individuals creating and submitting their own TV ads for $10,000 in prizes.
They’ve narrowed it down to the final 25 ads for you to vote on. Pick your three favorites.
It’s an interesting group. Some were handicapped by the amateurishness of the production values, and others were way too deeply buried in “the culture” to ever reach anyone who didn’t already have a bong in their hand.
But I found it difficult to finally narrow down to three. None were perfect, but 5 or 6 had some real potential.
Check them out and vote.