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March 2008



I’m cheesing my f-ing brains out

The latest drug craze. A great South Park episode, between the Heavy Metal references, the sudden drug war hysteria, and hiding kittens in attics to keep them from being seized by the DEA.

The success of employee drug testing

Via CESAR Fax (may not yet be up on their site), comes this chart showing a 10 year comparison of employee positive drug tests from Quest Diagnostics. The Quest statistics are often trotted out in cherry-picked portions to proclaim a dramatic reduction in cocaine use or marijuana use or meth use, but rarely showing the […]

Opium Brides of Afghanistan


Farmers in Afghanistan can’t make enough to feed their families on traditional crops. Opium pays 10 times as much as wheat or corn, and yet opium farmers still earn about $300 per family member per year (the real money goes to traffickers) To get through the year, they often get a loan on the […]

DEA — a record of constant failure

The Drug Enforcement Agency needs to be put out of its misery. It’s a completely failed, corrupt organization with no legitimate accomplishable goals, that’s being used for personal and political gain, dirty tricks, spying, drug-running, and undermining legitimate state and sovereign governments. If that wasn’t enough, sometimes they’re also the keystone cops. A new audit […]

Clergy Speak Out Against ‘The War on Drugs’ – update: link fixed

Here’s a little Sunday morning inspiration for you. Send it to all your church-going friends and relatives. It’s just over 9 minutes long and it’s a must-see.

“It’s so important for us, as both religious leaders… as members of congregations, to resist any sort of complicity, any sort of willingness to go along with this, […]

Those infallible drug-sniffing dogs

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a questionable plan in Bartonville, Illinois to be “proactive” in drug enforcement, and while details were lacking, it seemed suspiciously like an unconstitutional fishing expedition on the part of police (perhaps testing the extremes of the horrible Supreme Court decision in Illinois v. Caballes).
It appears, based on this report from Peoria Pundit, that my suspicions were well-founded (and that their dog is like every other drug-sniffing dog — mostly worthless).

But there‰s the funny part: Their dog is ‹busted.Š As in ‹broken.Š As in ‹doesn‰t work.Š A source tells me of one person who was stopped in one of these ‹proactiveŠ enforcement events. Police took him out of his car and made him stand there while the drug-sniffing dog circled the car, sniffing away. The dog found nothing, which is understandable, since the driver didn‰t have ANY drugs in the car.
But he DID have a small bag of weed in his pants.
Certainly, the driver thought, this dog is eventually going to hit on the grass in his pocket. Nope. Nothing. Not even after the dog took a good long sniff.

Come to where the flavor is

Sometimes a headline on an article just amuses me. I realize it’s the name of a town and they can’t help it, but still, when I saw this article… Program Led by Marlboro Police, DEA Will Teach Parents About Drug Abuse … I couldn’t help imagining this:


Open Thread

“bullet” Justices to Weigh Search and Consent “bullet” Police are like vampires “bullet” Prescribing Heroin — Everything you wanted to know about heroin, as told by Michael Jourdan, from the Centre of Alcohol and Drug Research in Copenhagen. ( I got to know Michael in New Orleans at the International Drug Policy Conference — a […]

Operation overkill or I love a parade

Police in London on their way to a drug raid where they take down an internet cafe, a butcher and a greengrocer. If I saw this, I’d be looking for the big cartoon balloon animals, clowns and marching bands to follow.

Successful medical necessity defense for marijuana possession in Texas

Either that, or it was jury nullification — somewhat the same thing in this case. Coverage at Grits, Hit and Run, and MPP.